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Kettell's Greenhouse

in Falls goes back alomst 90 years when Edward Kettell, an Italian immiragrant, built his first greenhouse.  He grew plants for his own truck farm and supplied other farmers with vegetable plants.  Now, third and fourth generations are commercial growers.

About Us

2749 Sullivans Trail, Route 92, Falls, PA 18615
Phone: (570) 388 - 6423

It all started with an idea.

Now Kettell's consist of three and half acres; housing more than 30 greenhouses, which are home a vast selection on vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, and over 15,000 hanging baskets.  We are open to general public, garden centers, local grocery stores, farmers and offer school fund-raising. 

With such a large selection to chose from you are sure to find exactly want you want with a beautiful selection from Spring to Fall.  In the fall we offer of 20,000 hardy mums for you to choose from you are guaranteed to find what you like to keep you in beautiful color!