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2012 Spring Newsletter


Shopping at Kettell’s Greenhouse is a rewarding and exciting experience.  Once stepping into one of the many greenhouses, it is obvious you will find the perfect hanging basket among the 15,000 growing at this local greenhouse.  You can select from among thousands of trays of annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables.  A great bag of potting soil will be available.  To make Kettell’s Greenhouse your one-stop destination we have added a large selection of nursery stock including fruit trees, shrubs, and ornamental trees will be available to be planted in that permanent spot.

This 2012 Spring Season has many new offerings.  In the Proven Winner Selections, there is a very interesting new Calibrachoa called Suberbells Cherry Star.  This has a pronounced white star on a rich cherry flower.  There are new foliage plants called Cyprus Baby Tut and King Tut which are an ideal focal point.   From the grower Dumen, Kettell’s is offering several unique petunias in 5” pots.  There are two varieties, Peppy Lavender and Peppy Purple, which have interesting color variations.  The very popular compact Potunias in deep purple, neon, papaya and yellow are being offered.  The Petunia Surprise Yellow is the brightest on the market, while the Sweetunias Bordeaux and Mystery are small flowers that offer you a powerful color punch.   From the Selecta First Class you could find double flowered Calibrachoas in hanging baskets and an assortment of Nemesias in mixed baskets.  From Ball Flora, a black Petunia called Black Velvet will strike your eye.  A yellow and black variegated Petunia named Phantom will also be new at the greenhouse.   Ball’s double flowered Wave Petunias can be seen growing in hanging baskets.

Many customers have asked for Sunpatiens, and Kettell’s has delivered.  This spring you will find from the Paul Ecke Ranch, which have been crossed with wild Impatiens and New Guinea Impatiens, creating the new bred Sunpatiens.  Breeders say this gives them the ability to grow well in strong sun as long as proper watering is given during dry weather.   Also available from the ranch are the Stained-glass Coleus and the Orange Marmalade Crosandra. 

Along with the Sunpatiens, Kettell’s has answered another demand, a yellow Scaevola flower for the sun bred by Floral Expo.  This flower looks great and can handle the sun.  Kettell’s also have brought you 20 varieties of Coleus cuttings and 3 Kong Varieties from seed.   New this year in a 12” hanging basket will be the Lotus Vine.  This exotic looking flower is spectacular; it resembles a parrot's beaks, and can handle the sun.    

For all the Bougainvillea fans, Kettell’s has brought it back.  It has become a very colorful and popular plant for spring and summer color, making a great addition for a colorful patio or deck in the backyard.   Returning this year again is the dark red Calliope Geranium with the Syngenta money back guarantee to perform all summer.  The Calliope is available in 4 ½” pots, 6” pots, 12” patio planters, and 10” hanging baskets.   

Thinking of landscaping and want color?  Ask about the new Gerbera Daisy which can be found in 12” pots.  They have extremely large flowers and like a sunny location.  Keep on display in the pots you buy them in or plant them in the ground.  Either way they are sure to spark conversation.  We also have several potted plants and a large selection of mix containers ready for your decorating needs.  

Are you looking for some common low light plants?  Check out the Boston Ferns, Spider Plants, Spiderwort, and variegated Swedish ivy.  Looking for something unusual?  Check out plants such as Caladiums, Red Cordyline, Heliotrope and Cuphea.  Kettell’s is also proud to announce we have a new selection of succulent plants in planters that are ready to go.

Walking through Kettell’s Greenhouses, you will be sure to find your oldies but goodies but have a chance to try a new flower or two.  Your garden can be unique, colorful, and exciting with all these new products.  We look forward to seeing you this spring.  We are eager for our chance to help you!  

We appreciate your business and promise to keep supplying you the very best in flowers and vegetables.

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